ABI Illinois Symposium on Chapter 11 Reform

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Creditor Conflict and the Efficiency of the Corporate Reorganization Process

The Value of Soft Assets in Corporate Reorganizations

Statutory Erosion of Secured Creditors' Rights: Some Insights from the U.K.

Judicial Oversight of Financing in Detroit's Restructuring and Beyond

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The Logic and Limits of Liens

An Empirical Investigation of Leases and Executory Contracts

Default Penalties in Chapter 11

When Does Some Federal Interest Require a Different Result? An Essay on the Use and Misuse of Butner v. United States

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What Is a Lien? Lessons from Municipal Bankruptcy

Derivatives and Collateral: Balancing Remedies and Systemic Risk

Rules of Thumb for Intercreditor Agreements

The (Il?) legitimacy of Bankruptcies for the Benefit of Secured Creditors

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The Bankruptcy Clause, the Fifth Amendment, and the Limited Rights of Secured Creditors in Bankruptcy

Priority in Going-Concern Surplus

The Board’s Duty to Keep Its Options Open

The Role of Secured Credit in Chapter 11 Cases: An Empirical View